[noblocc] Kicked for Being AFK

Few things are more annoying in the world of online gaming than getting thrown out of a game for being absent from the keyboard (AFK). Being expelled for inactivity may ruin your gaming session and make you feel angry and alienated, regardless of whether you’re engaged in a fierce battle or working with allies to win. A situation where this irritation manifests itself is when you see the notice “[noblocc] kicked for being AFK.” We’ll explore the meaning of this warning, the reasons behind it, and ways that users may prevent getting thrown out of their preferred online games in this post.

The message “[noblocc] kicked for being AFK” is understood.

A player has been automatically booted from the game server for being inactive when they get the notification “[noblocc] kicked for being AFK” while playing an online game. While “AFK” stands for “Away From Keyboard,” it denotes that the player has not engaged with the game for a predetermined amount of time. “Noblocc” is the player’s username or identity within the game. To stop players from idling and taking up server slots without actively engaging in the game, being absent from the game for a prolonged length of time can sometimes result in immediate removal from the game server in online multiplayer games.

Motives for Kicking Someone for Being AFK

Players may be expelled from online games for a number of reasons, including:

Game Rules: To stop players from idling or being idle for prolonged periods of time, many online multiplayer games have rules or other measures in place. In order to keep the game balanced and fair and to guarantee that all active players have the chance to participate completely, certain regulations are usually implemented.

Server Capacity: Being AFK for a long time might stop other players from joining the server and taking part in the game in games with a limited server capacity, such as competitive multiplayer shooters or massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). AFK users could be automatically kicked off the server after a certain amount of inactivity in order to maximize server resources and make room for active players.

Avoiding Exploitation: In some situations, game creators incorporate the “kick you for being AFK” as a way to stop players from abusing the game or obtaining an unfair advantage. Developers may preserve the integrity of the gameplay experience and deter cheating and abusive use of game mechanisms by banning AFK users from the game server.

Advice on How Not to Get Kicked for Being AFK

Although getting banned for being AFK might be annoying, there are a few things players can do to prevent this from happening and guarantee continuous gameplay:

Remain Active: Keeping yourself busy and involved in the game is the best defense against getting booted for being AFK. To prove your presence and keep the AFK detection mechanism from activating, take part in matches, communicate with teammates, and contribute to the game’s objectives.

Take Quick pauses: To reduce the chance of getting booted for being AFK, try to take quick pauses during downtime or in between matches if you must briefly leave the game. If you need to take a little break to take care of other affairs, let your teammates know.

Establish Expectations: In cooperative games, dialogue is essential. Inform your teammates in advance if you expect to need to be absent for a lengthy amount of time, such as to take care of a phone call or a domestic job. This can lessen confusion and interfere as little as possible with the gaming experience.

Modify Settings: Certain games provide options or settings, including auto-join functions or AFK timers, that may be used to stop players from being booted for being AFK. To find out whether there are any changes you can make to prevent getting removed from the game server, check the options menu or game settings.

In summary

One of the most prevalent frustrations among players of online multiplayer games is getting punished for being AFK. Removing a player for inactivity from the game server might ruin their enjoyment of the games, for whatever reason—game regulations, server capacity restrictions, or anti-exploitation measures. Players may reduce the likelihood of running into this problem and guarantee a smooth and continuous gameplay experience in their preferred online games by learning the causes of getting booted for being AFK and putting proactive measures to stay active and interested in the game.


1. What does “[noblocc] kicked for being AFK” mean? The message “[noblocc] kicked for being AFK” indicates that a player, identified as “noblocc,” has been automatically removed from the game server for being AFK (Away From Keyboard). Being AFK refers to a player’s inactivity or lack of interaction with the game for an extended period.

2. Why do players get kicked for being AFK? Players may be kicked for being AFK to enforce game rules, optimize server capacity, and prevent exploitation or unfair advantages. Being AFK for an extended period can disrupt gameplay, occupy server slots, and hinder the experience for active players.

3. How can I avoid being kicked for being AFK? To avoid being kicked for being AFK, players can stay active and engaged in the game, take short breaks between matches, communicate with teammates about planned AFK periods, and adjust settings or options to prevent automatic removal from the game server.

4. Can being kicked for being AFK be appealed? In most cases, being kicked for being AFK is an automatic process enforced by the game’s AFK detection system. Players typically cannot appeal this decision, but they can take proactive steps to avoid being kicked in the future.