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Used from Uber to streaming, gift cards could have a market worth US$4.3 billion by 2032

The global gift card market, valued at $1,128.10 billion in 2023, is projected to reach $4,399.08 billion, growing at a CAGR of 16.3% during...

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The 1982 Movie Poltergeist Used Real Skeletons as – Tymoff

"The 1982 Movie Poltergeist Used Real Skeletons as - Tymoff" is a classic horror film that has captivated audiences for decades with its chilling storyline and groundbreaking special effects. However, one aspect of the film that has intrigued viewers and sparked controversy is the use of real skeletons in certain scenes. In this article, we'll delve into the history behind the use of real skeletons in Poltergeist, explore the reasons behind this decision, and examine the ethical considerations surrounding the practice. The Making of Poltergeist Released in 1982 and directed by Tobe Hooper, Poltergeist follows the story of the Freeling family, who are terrorized by malevolent spirits after moving into a new suburban home built on top...

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