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Minecraft has been a part of the channel for some time now, from our very first Minecraft series "Multiplayer Madness",leading up to our newest and online series "Castle Quest Rebirth" which runs on the Hexxit modpack with the Technic Launcher One Minecraft series which we particularly enjoyed for multiple reason was the Pixelmon Series, which brought a beloved childhood game into minecraft. The Pixelmon series suffered hard times in the form of loss of video files and minecraft updates. The series may very well one day pick up again as all of the files needed to play are locked away safely.

For the time being we are sure you will be more than happy with Castle Quest Rebirth. A series which stemmed from a past series; "Castle Quest" which essientially had the same idea, however, lacking in mods (which are always fun) and legitimacy, as the idea behind Caslte Quest was to build a castle whilst having fun adventures. The legitimacy was lost when we began making the castle in creative mode...However! Castle Quest Rebirth is a new series full of fun and wonder, which will also be carried out to its fullest!

Why Mr. Anderson, why do you persist?